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Relive: A Time Travel Adventure (The Journeyer 1)
Chance Foster profile pictureChance Foster

Relive Time Travel Adventure: The Journeyer

The Chronicles of a Time Traveler In the...

·4 min read
The Secret Vera Oliveira
George Hayes profile pictureGeorge Hayes

The Secret of Vera Oliveira: Unlocking the Enigmatic Life...

In the labyrinthine streets of Lisbon,...

·4 min read
On A Highland Shore Kathleen Givens
Herman Melville profile pictureHerman Melville

On Highland Shore Kathleen Givens

## Step into the captivating world of On...

·4 min read
A Dangerous Heat (Alpha Team Six 2)
David Foster Wallace profile pictureDavid Foster Wallace
·4 min read
Unofficial What S Your Justin Bieber IQ?: A Trivia Game
Ethan Gray profile pictureEthan Gray
·5 min read
Cold Blooded (Kindle Single) Richard Fox
Ibrahim Blair profile pictureIbrahim Blair

Richard Fox's Cold-Blooded: A Chilling Tale of Murder and...

Synopsis Richard Fox's Cold-Blooded is a...

·5 min read

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